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By the numbers

EPB Lineman installing Fiber Cable

EPB Energy

60,000,000 Customer outage minutes reduced or avoided by the Smart Grid.

EPB Smart Grid Illustration

Annual operational savings delivered by the Smart Grid: $3,300,000

MyEPB Phone APP Illustration

Number of unique MyEPB app users:39,950

Annual savings from automated Smart Grid meter reading: $2,700,000

$21,379,455 in PILOT payments to local governments

 Abstract fiber optic cables

EPB Fiber Optics

EPB Residential and Commercial Customer illustration

Added 7,719 residential customers

Added 26 commercial customers

Laptop connecting to wifi illustration

Grew EPB Fiber Optics subscribers to: 103,923 total customers

Total Gig customers
(grew from 19% to 27% of all internet customers): 26,114

Total EPB Smart Network customers: 43,887 (added 10,250 during the year)

Chattanooga landscape photo featuring the Tennessee River

Environmental benefits

EPB Solar Panels illustration

EPB customers licensed 2,257 Solar Share panels

CO2 illustration

Reduced 12,407,518 tons of CO2 emissions

Environmental benefits from the Smart Grid include:

  • reduced road miles driven
  • enhanced power demand management
  • power factor improvement

78,018 Paperless Billing accounts (Electric and Fiber Optics)
(added 52,156 during the year)

8,173,042 Pounds of waste diverted to recycling and compost

EPB Employees helping during Tornado aftermath

Serving the Community

189 Community partnerships

Professor Gig-A-Watt illustration

Professor Gig-A-Watt delivered educational presentations to: 16,365 Students

Annual purchasing from Minority & Women-Owned Businesses nearly doubled to: $10,359,835 (Total purchasing since program began grew to $76.7 million)

Photo of family using internet


“In Chattanooga, the Gig has brought a renaissance.”

Inc. Magazine Dec 2019

“Project Voice, the No. 1 event for voice tech and AI in America, is officially making Chattanooga, Tenn., its permanent home.”

PR News Wire Jan. 2020

“How Chattanooga, is leveraging digital inclusion to open its innovation district to all.”

Brookings Jan. 2020

“Chattanooga’s EPB takes quantum leap with test of new cybersecurity system.”

Associated Press March 2020

“Chattanooga rolled out citywide fiber a decade ago, which has become an economic driver.”

NPR Marketplace June 2020
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