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Protecting the environment

Moxy Employee helping customer check-in

Promoting environmental sustainability

In celebration of Earth Month in April, Moxy Chattanooga Downtown partnered with EPB to express a commitment to environmental sustainability by purchasing enough renewable energy credits to cover all 12 of the special events planned at the hotel over the next year.

Through the partnership, EPB will provide 100% solar generated energy toward the credits from the Solar Share facility on Holtzclaw Avenue, Chattanooga’s first and only community solar deployment. In doing so, Moxy Chattanooga is reducing an estimated environmental impact equivalent to charging 1.4 million smart phones. Moxy Chattanooga Downtown is also the first hotel in the community to offer guests the option of reducing the estimated environmental impact of their lodging at a cost of $1.58 per night. Participating guests support local solar power generation while reducing an estimated environmental impact equivalent to burning 16.4 pounds of coal.

Moxy patio and EPB Solar Share banner
EPB Employee working in community garden

Leading environmental stewardship

This year, EPB furthered our commitment to supporting Chattanooga’s sustainability initiatives.

  • EPB was awarded the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for Pursuit of Excellence, recognizing all of EPB’s environmental efforts over the past two years
  • Six major EPB facilities were Green Light certified, a third party green certification earned through green | spaces
  • EPB’s downtown headquarters’ LEED certification moved up to LEED Silver
  • EPB, Life Spring and green l spaces launched the Green and Healthy Homes pilot, a program aimed at using energy efficiency and air quality tactics to improve childhood asthma outcomes
  • The Chattanooga Clean Energy for Low Income Communities Accelerator (CELICA) group led by EPB, the City of Chattanooga, and green l spaces hit a $3 million funding milestone to be used for Home Energy Upgrades, Green and Healthy Homes, Climate Action Plans, and an energy/ecofriendly workforce development program
  • EPB’s Green Building Leaders completed the nation’s first local sustainability professional credential, Green l Leader. We also held the first Green Business Expo, inviting business leaders to learn about our programs, processes and vendors
  • This year EPB completed our 250th Home Energy Upgrade since the program started in 2015, and will continue the program for approximately 100 more homes with an additional $1 million in financial support