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Creating greater value for business

EPB Customer Serivce in the field

Empowering more efficient energy consumption

This year EPB offered a solution to commercial customers who had no way of accessing real time information about their energy use before receiving a bill at the end of the month. Our Business Power Tracker tool now helps customers get a better picture of their electricity consumption as they use it. And, for customers who require more robust reporting, more detailed monitoring, and the ability to automatically control processes based on their energy use, EPB now offers an Energy Management System that gives customers better insight and control of how they are using electricity, water, air, gas and steam. These complex management systems are often difficult to specify and expensive to install. So with this program, EPB removes the complexity and upfront expense for the customer by using our energy and communications expertise to implement the right solution. We also offer service plans for software support, IT support, and even offsite hosting for the system. In all, EPB’s Energy Management System is another way we’re helping customers achieve more efficient energy consumption.

EPB Customer Serivce in the field
EPB Customer Service desk
EPB Hosted Phone solutions consultation

Helping local businesses thrive

As part of EPB’s commitment to supporting community businesses we continue to enhance commercial products to meet their ever-changing technology needs. For example, we adjusted the rate structure of dedicated internet connections such as VLANs and E-Line (Ethernet), both linear and redundant, to help support the growing need for secure, uninterrupted service. These types of connections are critical to entities like hospitals that rely on quick access to digital records. We also enhanced our Hosted Phone (HPBX) service and now more than 2,200 local businesses are benefiting from our ever-evolving product set. Bulk Internet has given owners and managers of Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) like apartments and retirement communities, the ability to include EPB’s 300 Mbps and Gig internet as a rental perk. And to increase our growing market share, we worked hard to ensure that all new MDUs and residential developments are equipped to offer EPB Fiber Optics. And we will continue to enhance new and existing products

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