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2019 EPB Annual Report

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary of serving the community, EPB continues to shape Chattanooga’s future as a leader by providing cutting-edge energy and connectivity solutions.

Innovation is part of EPB’s culture. Whether it was providing our first customers with electric power back in 1939 or creating the world’s first community-wide fiber optic network in 2009, we haven’t stopped working hard each day to see how these valuable tools can help shape the future. After nearly a decade of delivering the world’s fastest internet and ultra-reliable energy over the country’s first PEER certified smart grid, this year EPB welcomed our 100,000th fiber optic customer. We also expanded our research efforts to develop smart grid applications for the future — without ever forgetting why we are here in the first place. In fact, the neighbors we serve responded for the fourth year in a row with the J.D. Power Award for Customer Satisfaction.